Public Key Infrastructure

The Queensland Government Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority (QGPKIPA) decided to cease the QGPKI in August 2013 following a review of the PKI policy and position for Queensland Government.  The QGPKIPA formed the view that the increased maturity, capability and capacity within the market place to provide a range of alternative approaches to authentication and authorisation had reduced the benefits of a whole-of-government PKI approach.

CITEC, Queensland Government's information and communication technology (ICT) service provider, has been authorised to maintain the minimum capability to support existing customers until such time as they can cease reliance on existing QGPKI infrastructure.


The Queensland Government will continue to make the following documentation and certificate revocation lists (CRLs) publically available while some Queensland Government agencies rely on this service.  When this service is no longer relied upon, documentation will only be available in the QGEA Knowledge base on the QGCIO Portal for historical reference.

Policy and Practice


Certificate Authority (CA)

The QGPKI continues to provide Root CAs in the following environments.


Agencies seeking assistance with QGPKI services should contact

For general enquires email

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